Industrial equipment
for bakeries
We offer a wide range of Industrial machines for bakeries (automatic, semi-automatic, horizontal and vertical bread slicing and packaging lines) for various bread slicers from different manufacturers, such as Dovaina, Rego Herlitzius, TREIF, UBE.
The design features of bread slicers from different manufacturers have been taken into account in the development of our products. The machine knives offered are therefore suitable for different bread machines.
All bread knives are manufactured on Europe's most modern equipment - a fully automated production line - and are subject to strict, computer-controlled quality control at every stage of production.

The focus of our product developments is always on improving the work processes for our customers and business partners.
Automatic bread slicing and packaging lines
High-quality band blades (knives) for various models of bread cutting machines, such as HARTMANN, PS-MAKO, IPEKA, HOBA, UBE, REGO HERLITZIUS, DOVAINA, etc.
Semi-automatic bread slicing and packaging lines
High-quality frame knives for various bread-slicing machines, such as BERKEL, DAUB, DELTA, GASPARIN, JAC, MAHO, REGO HERLITZIUS, UNIMAC, WABÄMA, etc.
Machine for cutting various types of buns. Manufactured to make two different cuts (butterfly cut and hinge cut) using the same machine.
BDP-xD horizontal cutting machines
TP-60 bruschetta and bread chips slicer
Unique bruschetta and bread crisps manufacturing line. It slices bread especially thinly and automatically places chunks on a tray or conveyor.
Rotec - 2000 Semi-automatic bread slicing and packaging lines
The ROTEC 2000 is the perfect all-purpose slicer for bread and cakes.
Semi-automatic packaging and closing machine for various types of bread. Designed to meet your special needs.
DPK packaging machines
Our Services
Ensuring the safety and effective operation of your production is our top priority
Spare parts service
For drives, controllers, pneumatic equipment and standard parts, we use spare parts from the world's leading and all well-known manufacturers. We always keep most of the spare parts for your machines in our warehouse.
In order to ensure 100% availability of your machines again as quickly as possible in the event of malfunctions, our Lehrmann GmbH service is available to you by telephone.
Service hotline

Assistance in choosing equipment and training
We help you find the right equipment for every cutting and packing task. We show you the ideal combination of different equipment and how to use it effectively.
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